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This Couple’s Epic 20 Year Road Trip Is The Best Thing You’ll Read All Week.

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1990 marked the fall of communism and the Soviet Union. It was a year of change and huge upheaval around the world. However, among that chaos, an amazing journey was just beginning for one husband and wife.  Meet Gunther and his wife, Christine Holtorf. Gunther and ChristineHoltorf Right before they met, Gunther was on a […]


These Firefighters And Wildlife Workers Go Above And Beyond To Save A Koala.

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Apparently, Australians take their koalas very seriously. And who can blame them? The eucalyptus-chomping marsupials are so darn cute. When Melbourne firefighters were alerted to an injured koala stuck in a tree, they didn’t waste a moment coming to its aid. Nicknamed “Sir Chompsalot” by his rescuers, the fluffy herbivore was able to make a full recovery after […]