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So THIS is embarrassing: Glenn Thrush makes dig at Hannity giving ‘political advice’, trips over Podesta

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Glenn Thrush has been trying DESPERATELY to troll Sean Hannity, although he’d likely call it “investigative journalism” or some other smug BS to make it sound like what he’s doingis somehow meaningful. And not just annoying. Take for instance this tweet … I was once sitting with a Republican elected official preparing for an interview […]


Thomas Sowell on Sen. Ted Cruz: ‘You don’t fight every battle’

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Thomas Sowell writes that Sen. Ted Cruz is showing Obama-like signs… Do you agree? Sowell joins us next to explain. http://t.co/tr51fE0bHu — Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) February 25, 2014 Lets not kill each other over Thomas Sowell's critique of Cruz. — Bobby (@bfinstock) February 25, 2014 Well, there certainly was a difference of opinion following Thomas […]