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Guess what John Kerry promises will be top focus of ‘diplomatic efforts’

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http://twitter.com/#!/TheRightWingM/status/514061723704107008 That’ll show ‘em! Secretary of State John Kerry has reiterated his pledge to keep focusing on the real threat in the world today: At NYC Climate Week event, @JohnKerry promises that Climate Change will be "front and center in all of our diplomatic efforts." — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) September 22, 2014 Just the kind […]


Former US Ambassador to Russia: It’s my job to spread unconfirmed rumors


http://twitter.com/#!/McFaul/status/489832083305398272 We touched on this here, but it really deserves a stand-alone post. To recap: Earlier today, Stanford University professor Michael McFaul, who until February 2014 was United States’ ambassador to Russia, tweeted this: http://twitter.com/#!/McFaul/status/489811375770718210 Note that McFaul did not qualify this report by calling it “unconfirmed” or a rumor. If his goal was to spread this allegation (which may […]


Better Get Your Affairs In Order — We Might Get Hit By An Asteroid Next Week

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The world as we know it ending in a ball of flames thanks to a rogue asteroid is a fear that pretty much anyone who’s seen Armageddonhas. But just because Hollywood can make it into a movie doesn’t actually mean that it’s a viable threat, right? Well, not exactly. NASA recently reported that an asteroid […]


This Moscow Bar Is Apparently Home To A Ghost With A Severe Anger Problem

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What is it with ghosts haunting bars? It seems like half of the ghost stories I read about are set in bars and pubs. Perhaps it has something to do with bars being places of life, or maybe spirits are drawn to these haunts because of the sadness that drives people to barstools around the […]