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This NASA Photograph Allegedly Shows A Formation Of UFOs Orbiting Earth

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For conspiracy theorists, looking for UFOs in official NASA photographs has become a sort of rite of passage. While there are more than a few of these suspected photos and videos featuring alleged crafts from another world, I want to focus on just one today. Earlier this month, some UFO enthusiasts spotted what appeared to […]


Better Get Your Affairs In Order — We Might Get Hit By An Asteroid Next Week

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The world as we know it ending in a ball of flames thanks to a rogue asteroid is a fear that pretty much anyone who’s seen Armageddonhas. But just because Hollywood can make it into a movie doesn’t actually mean that it’s a viable threat, right? Well, not exactly. NASA recently reported that an asteroid […]


Cameras On The ISS Spotted This Bizarre Light Beaming From The Earth

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The International Space Station provides a live stream from its orbit at all times, and one keen-eyed observer recently found something that may prove the existence of aliens. It came in the form of a single beam of light. The weirdness begins with a shot of this spot far in the distance. YouTuber secureteam10 says […]