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An 83-Year-Old On Oxygen Begins To Sing…By The Time He’s Done, Everyone’s In Tears

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The Young@Heart chorus based in western Massachusetts is comprised of senior citizens ranging from their early 70s and beyond. Established at an elderly housing project in 1982, the program has given countless aging individuals an exciting, fun, and productive pastime to look forward to each day. During a performance in 2007, 83-year-old Fred Knittle stepped […]


Autistic Boy Is Overcome With Emotion As He Watches His Favorite Band Play Live

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Listening to your favorite band or singer live is an emotional experience, but for a young Mexican boy with autism, seeing Coldplay hit him especially hard. This tear-jerking video was filmed by proud father Luis Vazquez when he took his son, Luis Noel, to see his favorite band perform at Foro Sol stadium in Mexico […]


With A Little Help From Gravity, This Guy Creates Hypnotic Music

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Watching people do what they do best is always a gratifying experience. Whether you’re in the presence of an expert orator who can bring an entire audience to its feet or you’re in the crowd cheering for a star athlete, it’s always cool to see someone in their element. And there’s something uniquely wonderful about […]


Quadruple Amputee Returns To Playing The Piano After Years Without It.

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Over a decade ago, Richard Mangino of Revere, Massachusetts, lost all four of his limbs to a severe bloodstream infection. His hands and feet had to be amputated to save his life. But in 2011, at the age of 65, he made history as the recipient of the first successful double hand transplant at Brigham and […]