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Who Knew The Human Nervous System Could Be So Beautiful?

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The human body is an incredible piece of natural machinery. Whether you believe we got here by way of divine intervention or by accident, it’s hard to argue with the fact that our bodies are insanely complex. Did you know that the human body contains about 45 miles of nerves and 60,000 miles of blood […]


This Giant Happy Hippo Was Spotted In The Thames River. I Need One!

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Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is known for creating huge sculptures that tickle the masses. They’re often temporary, over-sized versions of stuffed animals and other toys. His works can usually be found in public spaces so that people can interact with them. His most recent project to gain attention was the world-traveling giant rubber duck. His goal in doing […]


Barefoot Street Performer Stuns The Audience With Her Soulful Voice.

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This singer has got plenty of “sole”, which is odd, because she’s not actually wearing any shoes. This amazing street performance by Sammie Jay was filmed by an excited onlooker as she performed her own original song, Killing Me Slowly, in the middle of Covent Garden in London, for hundreds of locals and tourists alike. […]