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This 10-Second Auditory Illusion Gets Crazier The More You Replay It.

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Don’t believe everything you hear. The video below is an auditory illusion known as the ‘Shepard tone’. Roger Shepard was a cognitive scientist who is said to be the “father of research on spatial relations”, and this trick is named after him because essentially what happens is a series of sine separated by an octave. That […]


This Painting Will Mess With Your Brain… Til You Look At It From A Different Angle.

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This mind-bending optical illusion painting in the video below is the work of British artists Brian Weavers and Patrick Hughes, who create 3-D images that seem to shift before your eyes as you look at them from different angles. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu1klHizoDM?rel=0] These types of art pieces are known as “reverspectives” where the point that appears […]