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Workers Come To The Rescue Of These Adorable Kittens Stuck In A Storm Drain.

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Residents of South Bend, Indiana, noticed a peculiar sound coming from their storm drain early one morning. The cries of two small kittens were enough to wake the suburbanites at 3:00 am. Concerned citizens in the area made several calls to the South Bend Animal Care and Control, Code Enforcement, as well as the Bureau […]


These Pieces Of Advice Found On Instagram Could Change Your Life.

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Advice on Instagram? I know it sounds crazy, but there is actually a thriving community of unconventional advice givers on Instagram. It’s not just for sharing pictures of awesome-looking food. Some of what they’re saying is actually pretty amazing. To save you the time, we’ve compiled a list of the 20 best bits of advice we could find. […]


This Kitten Was Seconds Away From A Horrible Death, But Then A Hero Saved The Day

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Tony Miranda is in charge of sorting through thousands of cans, bottles, and bits of paper in a recycling center. He’s seen some odd items come down his conveyor belt, but he was shocked one day when he spotted a pink-nosed kitten among the debris heading into the compactor. He quickly scooped the tiny kitten […]


Her Students Gave Her Flowers, But When She Saw What Else They Had, She Lost It

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As soon as these students learned that their teacher’s cat passed away, they sprang into action. When the young ladies from Joshua High School found out that their math teacher, Mrs. Andrews, lost her best feline friend of 16 years, they pulled out all the stops to comfort the sweet woman in her time of […]