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This Couple’s Epic 20 Year Road Trip Is The Best Thing You’ll Read All Week.

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1990 marked the fall of communism and the Soviet Union. It was a year of change and huge upheaval around the world. However, among that chaos, an amazing journey was just beginning for one husband and wife.  Meet Gunther and his wife, Christine Holtorf. Gunther and ChristineHoltorf Right before they met, Gunther was on a […]


This Is How German Sounds Compared To Other Languages. It’s Hilarious.

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Every language, even English, has it’s own quirks. Our grammar rules are almost nonsensical and some other languages sound a little funny to us. We’ve all made fun of the German language before (especially while watching Die hard). But when compared to other languages you’ve heard (or forgotten), you’ll be shocked at how hilariously different […]