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17 Horribly Creepy Religious Statues From Around The World

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Although religion brings millions of people around the world comfort, some aspects of belief systems are so damn creepy. Take religious art, for example. Statues and idols of various sorts have always been used to aid in worship across multiple faiths. The concept of having an object onto which you can focus your thoughts and […]


This NASA Photograph Allegedly Shows A Formation Of UFOs Orbiting Earth

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For conspiracy theorists, looking for UFOs in official NASA photographs has become a sort of rite of passage. While there are more than a few of these suspected photos and videos featuring alleged crafts from another world, I want to focus on just one today. Earlier this month, some UFO enthusiasts spotted what appeared to […]


What They Just Pulled Out Of This Kitten’s Nose Will Make You Cringe For Days

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); One of the worst things ever is seeing an animal in pain. That’s why it’s always so heartwarming to see people helping them. Take, for example, the following video. In it is a young kitten with a rather large insect lodged firmly up its nose. The insect is a Cuterebra larva, […]


He Had A Seizure In The Middle Of His First Solo Skydive…And He Barely Survived

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When people think of trying skydiving, not many folks go and seek approval from their doctors before signing up. Still, even if you do get approval from a medical professional, that’s no guarantee of safety, as 22-year-old Australian Christopher Jones learned the hard way. Jones was participating in an accelerated free fall program and had […]


Better Get Your Affairs In Order — We Might Get Hit By An Asteroid Next Week

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The world as we know it ending in a ball of flames thanks to a rogue asteroid is a fear that pretty much anyone who’s seen Armageddonhas. But just because Hollywood can make it into a movie doesn’t actually mean that it’s a viable threat, right? Well, not exactly. NASA recently reported that an asteroid […]