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Stop What You’re Doing. Some Guy Strapped A GoPro Camera On A Drone And Flew It Into A Fireworks Show.

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Hooking a GoPro camera to a quadcopter “drone” is all the rage in aerial filmography these days, and this video shows you why. GoPro gives some amazing new perspectives of things that you wouldn’t want to capture from a helicopter. Watch as one man sends his drone through a fireworks show, capturing some stunning footage, all set […]


Break Out Your Checkbook. You’re Going To Want To Invest In This Drone Company.

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It’s a nightmare scenario: You’re sitting at your favorite restaurant surrounded by friends and family. It’s your birthday and the drinks are flowing. Everyone’s having a killer time. All of a sudden, your heart starts to give out. And it hits you with a pain unlike anything you’ve felt before. You’re having a heart attack. […]