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This Dog Cannot Bear To See Her BFF Leave For School Every Morning — It’s SO Cute

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For Dixie the dog, the worst part of every weekday is the morning. Hopping into the car with her family, she stressfully paces around when they arrive at their destination. Watch how heartbroken the poor pup becomes when she realizes her best friend has left for school…AGAIN: She just loves him so much…3 p.m. couldn’t […]


Pittbull Puppy Is Super Excited To Be Reunited With The Man That Rescued Him From Certain Death.

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It was an emotional scene at this veterinary clinic when Joey Wagner was reunited with a loving pitbull puppy he had rescued. Joey, who is an animal rescuer from Nova Scotia, came across the badly mange-infested pup all by itself out in the cold and immediately brought the little guy to a vet for some […]