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An 83-Year-Old On Oxygen Begins To Sing…By The Time He’s Done, Everyone’s In Tears

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The Young@Heart chorus based in western Massachusetts is comprised of senior citizens ranging from their early 70s and beyond. Established at an elderly housing project in 1982, the program has given countless aging individuals an exciting, fun, and productive pastime to look forward to each day. During a performance in 2007, 83-year-old Fred Knittle stepped […]


Girl Makes A Really Cool And Unique Cover Of A Michael Jackson Song You’ll Love.

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Singer and musician Kawehi originally posted this video of her covering Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel‘ in 2012, but it went mostly unnoticed up until this week, when it went viral and racked up nearly 2 million views on YouTube. The reason it went so big so quick is because when it […]