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These Cats Are Seriously Unimpressed With Christmas And Their Festive Owners

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Cat owners are often guilty of thinking that dressing their cats up as Santa’s little helpers for Christmas is the funniest thing ever. Cats, on the other hand, don’t agree. To help the kitties forgive and forget, TEMPTATIONS is urging pet owners everywhere to apologize to their furry friends with treats once those antlers come […]


The Gift A Girl Received From Her Brothers Is One Of The Best Things I’ve Seen.

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For Christmas last year this girl got the best gift ever from her brothers. She and her brothers all love computer games, but while they had nice PCs to play on, she had always played on a console. Because of that, she never really felt like she was a part of their little club. For […]


TSA couldn’t wait ’til Christmas to open your wrapped presents [photos]

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Just found out @TSA unwrapped all the Christmas presents in my luggage now I know where the Grinch works. — Audrey Knox (@audreyknox) December 24, 2013 Pretty sure I just wrapped an assload of presents for nothing. From what I'm reading, the TSA isn't fond of wrapped gifts… — Samantha Hayden (@samhaydenb) December 24, 2013 […]