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‘Oh, the irony’: DNC claims Chris Christie’s ‘one strategy’ to blame others


http://twitter.com/#!/LisaBehe/status/467021139810996225 The DNC once again checked its self-awareness at the door, this time in order to criticize New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: http://twitter.com/#!/TheDemocrats/status/467014867816558592 Blame others? Where have we seen that before? The “blame somebody else” strategy sure sounded familiar to many: http://twitter.com/#!/mjrod/status/467015197819826176 http://twitter.com/#!/OldBanner/status/467015435360428032 http://twitter.com/#!/Truthseer1961/status/467015803611922432 http://twitter.com/#!/jaschrein/status/467016012521824258 http://twitter.com/#!/danielwwelsh/status/467016823519473665 Obama and the Dems blame somebody else? Nah! http://twitter.com/#!/MoonbatCatnip/status/467017249228738560 […]


‘Like rabid dogs’: Actor Robert Davi pounds MSM for Christie fixation, letting Dem scandals slide

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.@RobertJohnDavi is fired up…. I like it. — Kimberly (@conkc2) January 16, 2014 Mmm … so do we! The media have gone beyond parody with their breathless coverage of the “Bridgegate” scandal. Meanwhile, the IRS has caught been targeting conservative groups, the web of Benghazi lies grows increasingly tangled, and Obamacare is wreaking havoc on […]