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When His Mom Never Came To Get Him, Authorities Learned Some Heartbreaking Things

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A Pennsylvania mother is facing multiple charges after she left her five-year-old son with a neighbor and went missing. A warrant was issued for the arrest of Rochelle Daniels after she left the boy with a neighbor for more than two days. He eventually snuck out and walked to another home; the woman there called […]


Oct. surprise in La. governor’s race involves prostitute, child

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As voters in Louisiana head to the polls next weekend, this is story we’d encourage readers to ingest with a grain of salt.Taegan Goddard of PoliticalWire.com reports today that gubernatorial candidate Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) urged a prostitute with whom he had a three-year relationship tohavean abortion when they learned she was four months pregnant. […]


This Boy Is Pretty Darn Impressive, But When A Little Girl Takes The Stage? Wow.

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For those of us whose dancing abilities are confined to just kind of wiggling and wobbling around the dance floor, anyone who can choreograph or just perform dance moves seems to possess some kind of superpower. That’s why watching shows like So You Think You Can Dance is so addicting. It’s inspiring to see the […]