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This Adorable Baby Rhino Will Come Running When His Name Is Called

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Simply knowing that there’s a baby rhino in the world named Warren would have been good enough… But to find out that he also knows his name, comes on command, and thinks he’s a dog? Well, that’s just the cherry on top of this already cute kiddo. Watch what happens when […]


This Rescue Dog Makes It Very, Very Clear That Car Rides Aren’t His Thing

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If you’ve ever had a car-hating dog, you’ll identify with this video on a spiritual level. Harvey’s a great guy, but being in the car just isn’t his jam. When his humans try to lure him in, he does what any sensible dog would do and goes totally limp. The resulting footage is as hilarious […]


When A Tough Doberman Sees A Little Toy, She Has A Reaction That’ll Have You LOLing

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Tessa the doberman has a hard job. As one of the most fearsome guard dog breeds in the world, she has to look tough all the time. Otherwise, the other pups will obviously make fun of her. That’s why something tells us she wouldn’t be too happy to have this video of her floating around […]


A Man Found Whale Vomit On The Beach, And He’s About To Cash In Big Time

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Of all the bizarre get-rich-quick schemes floating around out there, this one is probably the weirdest. And that’s because it has to do with selling vomit. While strolling on the beach in Lancashire, England, recently, one lucky guy by the name of Ken Wilman stumbled across what he thought was a large stone. Much to […]