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The Footage Of This Theme Park Disaster Will Chill You To The Bone

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A day at a theme park is supposed to be filled with laughter, thrilling rides, and tons of terrible fried food. But lately, it seems more and more attractions are malfunctioning, leading to tragedies both in the U.S. and abroad. The latest story comes from Kishkinta amusement park in Chennai, India. Twenty employees were kept […]


The Ghosts of Chernobyl Live In This Creepy Amusement Park. Can I Go??

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Pripyat Amusement Park was set to open on May Day of 1986. On April 26th, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster left Pripyat, Ukraine in the Zone of Alienation, an area unsafe for humans due to high levels of radiation. Despite not making it to opening day, the park operated on the 27th to cheer up the […]