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Mike Murphy says Rubio is too pro-life to win

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Of all the charges against Marco Rubio, is saying that he’s too pro-life in the middle of the GOP primary process really the best angle? Mike Murphy — head of the Jeb Bush Super PAC “Right to Rise” — seems to think so: Good luck with that. Also,what Murphy is saying isn’t really true: Although […]


Asst. principal at ‘science-based school’ invites teen abortion protesters to join fetus in hell with Trump

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Two home-schooled teens protesting abortion on a sidewalk in front of a Pennsylvania school were confronted by the assistant principal, who told them they and President Trump could go to hell, along with the aborted fetuses they called “image bearers of God.” "You and Trump can go to hell": Asst. principal on leave after argument […]


Oct. surprise in La. governor’s race involves prostitute, child

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As voters in Louisiana head to the polls next weekend, this is story we’d encourage readers to ingest with a grain of salt.Taegan Goddard of PoliticalWire.com reports today that gubernatorial candidate Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) urged a prostitute with whom he had a three-year relationship tohavean abortion when they learned she was four months pregnant. […]


Pro-aborts mock religion, spew hate at those who #PrayToEndAbortion

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http://twitter.com/#!/RBPundit/status/411548191713005568 For a couple of days now, the #PrayToEndAbortion hashtag has been trending nationally: And the idea of protecting the unborn is really sticking in the craws of the pro-abortion community: http://twitter.com/#!/LisainDallas/status/411326075638005760 http://twitter.com/#!/AnthonyBialy/status/411421141652086784 Here’s just a small sampling of how so-called “pro-choicers” are reacting to belief in the sanctity of life: http://twitter.com/#!/van_greg/status/411560049555689472 http://twitter.com/#!/captainchraime/status/411553710670872576 http://twitter.com/#!/SuperCrayawn/status/411551828732440576 http://twitter.com/#!/MichaelaGodley/status/411552294727999489 […]