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This Is How #ModernFamily Filmed An Episode Entirely With Apple Products

In a BuzzFeed News exclusive clip, see how executive producer and co-creator, Steve Levitan, put together the Feb. 25 episode using only everyday modern technology. View this image › ABC This week’s episode of Modern Family does something network television hasn’t ever done before: The installment, called “Connection Lost,” was filmed using Apple iPhones, iPads, […]


‘Uncanny’! This picture sums up cuckoo Harry Reid’s frothing lunacy perfectly

http://twitter.com/#!/SmoosieQ/status/451405920417759232 For. Serious. http://twitter.com/#!/Varneyco/status/451389737753128960 Well, citizens on Twitter answered that question with a resounding “certifiable!” And this Twitter user nutshelled (emphasis on nut) Harry Reid’s frothing lunacy with one pic: http://twitter.com/#!/redsteeze/status/451355284381118464 Wiping tears. Get off his cuckoo pants lawn! http://twitter.com/#!/Psudrozz/status/451359809380831233 It really is. Related: Resolved: Koch-obsessed Harry Reid is certifiable. How crazy is he? This […]