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AFP Michigan demanding justice after union thug violence, will press charges

At the AFP presser telling our story of union violence in Lansing. #rtw #tcot #righttowork — jmlefler (@jmlefler) December 13, 2012 Scott Hagerstrom, director of Americans for Prosperity’s Michigan chapter, led a press conference this afternoon to denounce union goons’ despicable conduct earlier this week. Remnants of the destroyed tent: ow.ly/i/1fb0Q #RTW #SaveMI #NoRTWMI — […]


Conservative group American Commitment wins MoveOn contest in a landslide

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Sure looks like MoveOn's own members are voting overwhelmingly for http://t.co/KpXqzGrvNH. Didn't expect that. — Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) October 17, 2014 As Twitchy reported yesterday, progressive groups MoveOn and MayDay hosted a super-awesome 30-second video contest “to wake up America to the crisis of big money in our politics.” It must have been a surprise to the […]


Kind of like muggers? IRS chief admits ‘horrible customer service’

In my dealings with the IRS, I've never felt like a "customer" MT @FreedomWorks: "We provided horrible customer service here" Miller #IRS — Fingers Malloy (@FingersMalloy) May 17, 2013 You can’t make this stuff up. Reality-challenged acting IRS chief Steven Miller continued his testimony this morning and actually put forward this explanation for why his […]


President Obama: Let’s keep inflating the student loan bubble

President Obama urges Congress to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling: http://t.co/muIhkjon — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) April 21, 2012 Says Obama: “We should be doing everything we can to put higher education in reach for every American.” Heaven forbid college students should have to pay market-rate interest rates! “@politico: Obama warns on student loan […]