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This 26-Foot-Long Squid Looks Like An Alien Invader From A Science Fiction Movie.

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No, we’re not being invaded by aliens (yet), but this giant Mangapinna (Bigfin) squid sure looks like it could be from Mars. These squids are some of the creepiest creatures of the deep. These squids are a bit camera shy, and like to hang out in the deep ocean, which makes sightings pretty rare. However, the […]


No This Plane Is Not Dropping A Bomb. I Bet You Can’t Guess What It’s Actually Doing.

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Wildlife officials in many states this summer are raising fish in hatcheries as a way to keep lakes and rivers stocked during tourist angling season. Once they’ve reached a certain level of maturity officials introduce the fish into the wild. So what’s the best way to get those hand raised fish out there to all the rivers and lakes? […]


What Happens When You Mix Thermite & Dry Ice? The Best Science Experiment Ever.

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There are few substances in the world that are more interesting than dry ice and thermite. Both are dangerous in their own ways (dry ice burns, and thermite explodes), but what happens when you put them together? That’s exactly what the fine folks over at carsandwater decided to find out. They detonated a small amount of thermite on […]