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What Happens When You Drop Lithium Into 7-Up Is Oddly Fascinating

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Back in the day, 7-Up used to contain lithium citrate. That’s right. Until the 1950s, the soft drink contained a mood stabilizer used in the psychiatric treatment of bipolar disorder and manic states. Modern 7-Up doesn’t contain any lithium, but Periodic Videos wondered what would happen if you added it to the soft drink… Science […]


Race-baiting background music in Obama’s new campaign video?

http://twitter.com/#!/jimgeraghty/status/202031367314350081 Jim Geraghty expanded on this idea at The Campaign Spot: Take a listen to the background music in this ad: lots of harps and chimes. Discussions of “vampires, sucking the life out of us.” We know Obama loves to go after Romney on “outsourcing jobs to China.” Considering how the ad is blatantly aimed […]


Video: Obama voter says murdered US ambassador to Libya ‘had it coming’

http://twitter.com/#!/RBPundit/status/251409377695776770 Viral videos of Dems reveling in their ignorance have turned September into humiliation-palooza for the Left. We saw an Obama banshee screeching about her Obama phone and heard from Obama voters who don’t realize Osama bin Laden is dead. And now, an “eat the rich” Obama supporter in Ohio proudly tells an interviewer Mitt Romney will […]


This Kitten Was Seconds Away From A Horrible Death, But Then A Hero Saved The Day

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Tony Miranda is in charge of sorting through thousands of cans, bottles, and bits of paper in a recycling center. He’s seen some odd items come down his conveyor belt, but he was shocked one day when he spotted a pink-nosed kitten among the debris heading into the compactor. He quickly scooped the tiny kitten […]


The FLO-mance continues: Beyoncé’s letter to ‘humble’ Michelle Obama

http://twitter.com/#!/MrPartyguru/status/224920346355187712 Somebody grab a mop, ’cause Beyoncé Knowles is gushing and there’s no telling when it will end. You know what Beyoncé loves most about FLOTUS Michelle Obama? How humble she is. "No matter the pressure, and the stress of being under the microscope, she's humble, loving, and sincere." –Beyoncé on our FLOTUS — JessicaMichelle […]


Printer Turns Photos Into 3D Objects So The Blind Can Relive Memories.

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Is there a way for those without sight to relive memories captured in a photograph? That was the question Pirate3D asked when they initiated their Touchable Memories experiment. The initiative aims to help the blind physically re-experience visual memories using 3D printers. The Singapore-based company uses 3D printers in this project to create sculptures from photographs. This […]


Docile Deer With A Donut On Its Antlers Stops To Say Hi To A Camper.

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A friendly deer caught a camper by surprise during a trip in Snake River Canyon, Wyoming. The deer stopped by to say hello with a powdered donut on one of its antlers. The only explanation that makes any sense is that Bigfoot placed it there as a practical joke. (Source: Ben Lzicar) I bet this was […]


This Is Definitely Not What You Want To Happen When You’re Inspecting A Boat

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Here’s how I feel about large bodies of water: And here’s how I feel about people willingly diving into large bodies of water for extended periods of time: So you can imagine my concern when I came across this video that was shot back in 1991 by a few divers inspecting a damaged boat. Of […]


Kmart’s ‘GIF-ing out’ Christmas ad annoys nearly everyone

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http://twitter.com/#!/glossanddirt/status/406687477169016832 Considering the resurgent popularity of GIFs —those low-res looping computer graphics — you’d suspect that Kmart might be on to something with its new Christmas ad, featuring a happy couple “GIF-ing out” in their driveway. Instead, reaction on social media has been anything but kind. http://twitter.com/#!/desynicole93/status/406631962028175360 No, you’re not. http://twitter.com/#!/OverTheBaggy/status/406281132271869952 http://twitter.com/#!/thatonegirlLDR/status/405812996615569408 http://twitter.com/#!/hanburgerrr/status/405767681171030017 http://twitter.com/#!/meyer_dci2012/status/406815281550340096 http://twitter.com/#!/TheGageGoon/status/406682460475256833 […]