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This Woman Has Made It Her Life’s Goal To Rescue Dogs In Need All Over Nepal

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A little over six years ago, Kate and Doug Clendon took in a dog with a broken leg, but that’s just where their journey started… The New Zealand couple cared for the pup in their house, got it veterinary help, and returned it to the community it called home. But when word spread of their […]


Judge rules secret national security letters unconstitutional

http://twitter.com/#!/marciahofmann/status/312669164542234624 A federal judge in California today ruled that national security letters, FBI documents which place a gag order on the recipient, infringe on freedom of speech and are thus unconstitutional. Fed judge finds #NSLs unconstitutional: “A stunning defeat for the Obama administration’s surveillance practices” wired.com/threatlevel/20… — Matthew Harwood (@mharwood31) March 15, 2013 An epic […]