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Six succumb to road accident near Anantapur, Karnataka

According to the police and eye witnesses, a truck going towards Anantapur hit a Chevrolet Tavera vehicle going to Tirupati from Anantapur at around 3:40 a.m., killing five people on the spot while in Read more: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/karnataka/six-succumb-to-road-accident-near-anantapur-karnataka/article8889829.ece?utm_source=RSS_Feed&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=RSS_Syndication


‘Oh, the irony’: DNC claims Chris Christie’s ‘one strategy’ to blame others


http://twitter.com/#!/LisaBehe/status/467021139810996225 The DNC once again checked its self-awareness at the door, this time in order to criticize New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: http://twitter.com/#!/TheDemocrats/status/467014867816558592 Blame others? Where have we seen that before? The “blame somebody else” strategy sure sounded familiar to many: http://twitter.com/#!/mjrod/status/467015197819826176 http://twitter.com/#!/OldBanner/status/467015435360428032 http://twitter.com/#!/Truthseer1961/status/467015803611922432 http://twitter.com/#!/jaschrein/status/467016012521824258 http://twitter.com/#!/danielwwelsh/status/467016823519473665 Obama and the Dems blame somebody else? Nah! http://twitter.com/#!/MoonbatCatnip/status/467017249228738560 […]


Report: Parts of Palm Beach International Airport closed due to ‘beeping package’; Update: Alarm clock

http://twitter.com/#!/ChrisShepherd/status/363717906838061056 Three levels at Palm Beach International Airport are reportedly closed and flights are delayed as authorities investigate a suspicious “beeping package.” WPTV has more. According to Palm Beach International Airport officials, levels one, two and three of the west end of the airport are closed. WPTV’s Kait Parker is at the airport and reports […]


‘Reduces pressure on Iran’: Benjamin Netanyahu continues to blast ‘bad deal’

http://twitter.com/#!/netanyahu/status/404994136807198720 As Twitchy reported, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took to Twitter on Sunday to blast the Iran nuclear program deal. He continued Monday morning: http://twitter.com/#!/netanyahu/status/404994510251245568 Bingo. Of course, some cretinous haters crawled out of the woodwork again. http://twitter.com/#!/dankmtl/status/404995707460788224 Smart takes! http://twitter.com/#!/zuton66/status/404994707316424704 Beyond reprehensible. Many other (non-insane) Twitter users continue to stand with Israel and […]


TNR writer on bombing suspect’s aunt: ‘We don’t know what she knows’

http://twitter.com/#!/mtredden/status/325324513103450112 Remember when The New Republic was an influential, widely-read publication? Yeah, we do too. Our advice: Bring this guy on as a staff writer. Reminder: Bombing suspect’s aunt: ‘I suspect the pictures were staged’ Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/04/22/new-republic-writer-on-bombing-suspects-crazy-aunt-we-dont-know-what-she-knows/


Report: Depleted uranium discovered at Fla. airport; Update: Confirmed as uranium-238

http://twitter.com/#!/911BUFF/status/360437715608682496 The uranium was reportedly found in a 55-gallon drum in the vicinity of a dismantled plane at Florida’s Opa-Locka Executive Airport. http://twitter.com/#!/scejas/status/360431874151182336 Hazmat officials have evacuated a 150-foot perimeter. Plenty of people find the news unsettling, to say the least: http://twitter.com/#!/youarethenight/status/360442499841540100 http://twitter.com/#!/godfatherrules/status/360444535135928320 http://twitter.com/#!/GoldenGalt/status/360439299214290944 http://twitter.com/#!/LEEGRANTVA/status/360444041801900033 So far, no injuries have been reported — which makes […]